Monday, January 23, 2012

Introduction to Bed Bug Traps

Bed bug traps!  We live in an age of modern technology where millions upon millions of dollars are spent annually to protect and enhance our daily health and yet this very old pest has once again become a serious problem.  The ancient Greeks knew about bed bugs and this miniature creature has been a problem throughout history.  For a brief period beginning around WWII, bed bugs were nothing more than a cute childhood rhyme.  “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”  But the bugs are back and bed bug traps are being sold in many places.   See bed bug photos here.

Climbup Insect Interceptor XL Bed Bug Trap
Why are bed bugs back?  A couple of theories have been suggested.  First, the common use of DDT and other insecticides in the mid-20th century no doubt had an effect on the populations of household insects.  In the process of eliminating cockroaches and ants, we probably eliminated bed bugs as well.  Nowadays of course, DDT is banned and other insecticides are probably used less as well, at least in the home.  Another possibility is increased international travel.  Bed bugs are superb hitch hikers and can easily attach themselves to luggage and clothing, not to mention people.  And a single female may carry many dozens of fertilized eggs, all waiting to be hatched in the comfy confines of your bedroom. Find more bed bug information here. 
Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap

Bed Bug Detector and Monitor for Home

And what do you do once you have bed bugs?  Three approaches can be followed:  First, fumigation and/or spraying with all the hazards inherent in that approach.  Fumigants and sprays are usually not 100% effective so there is always a danger that the bugs will re-populate.   The second option is to use “bed bug traps.”  And a third approach, especially when infestations are severe, is to fumigate/spray and then use traps to catch the bugs that escape the fumigant or insecticide.  The advantage of traps is that you can maintain constant protection.  You also have the advantage of monitoring.  No need to worry if the critters are coming back – just check your traps and if there are no bugs then all is well.  And even if there are a few then it is likely that over time, you will see fewer and fewer insects as the remaining stragglers fall victim to your bed bug traps. 
Our bed bug traps review covers both new and old remedies.  Some measures are homemade and some can be purchased.  None are expensive, but some are easier and more effective than others.  Probably the most popular and effective are interceptor traps such as the ClimbUp.  Learn more.  Another promising development is the use of pheromones and other chemical attractants to bring the insects to the traps.  We will be monitoring those developments and will post all the latest advances as we learn about them.  (Note:  We have just posted information on a new advance in bed bugs control.)



  1. Great news! Just a quick update to let you know that scientists in England have developed a new way to trap bed bugs. We will have to wait for an actual product to be put on the market. Stay tuned!

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