Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps

ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps work as interceptors and as bed bug monitors.  Like any effective bed bug trap, it relies on a lure to entice the insect.  Guess what serves as the lure for a ClimbUp Trap?  You! 

ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps – ClimbUp Interceptors

ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps

ClimbUp bed bug traps, also known as ClimbUp Interceptors, work on the principle that to reach its food source, a bed bug will “climb up” and in doing so will fall into the well of the trap.   In practice, an interceptor trap is placed under each leg of the bed.  It is critical to make sure that the head board does not touch the wall and that bed covers do not touch the floor.  (If you suspect that bed bugs might already be in your mattress or box springs, you can use BuggyBeds to find out for sure.  See Bed Bug Traps Review.)  Each ClimbUp trap has two wells.  A bed bug trapped in the interior well is another sign that bed bugs are hiding in your bed.  If you find bed bugs in the exterior well, that means that the insects are hiding elsewhere in your home.  Bed bugs will travel several yards, usually in the early morning hours, to reach their food source.  ClimbUp traps intercept bed bugs before they can reach you.

ClimbUp Bed Bug Traps – Bed Bug Monitors

Bed Bug Traps Review
ClimbUp traps are also used as bed bug monitors and can provide great peace of mind.  People who travel are legitimately concerned about the possibility of bringing bed bugs home with them.  Even if you are not bitten, bed bugs are notorious for climbing into luggage or clothing and hitchhiking home with you.  Any place that has large numbers of people either visiting or living in close proximity to one another is likely to have bed bug problems, sooner or later.  In fact, the Bed Bug Registry was created to alert people to potential problems.  Check out this resource before you travel or move, but be aware that not all infestations are reported.  Dormitories, nursing homes, gyms, movie theatres - almost any public space might harbor bed bugs.  ClimbUp bed bug traps work very well as bed bug monitors just in case you bring bed bugs home. 
We also recommend using either ClimbUp traps or BuggyBeds as a follow up to a professional eradication program.  Even the best professional exterminator will not kill every bed bug in your house or apartment.  Bed bugs are very good at hiding in walls and other places where they are relatively safe.   All it takes is a single egg-carrying female and soon you will have a new infestation.  Bed bug traps should be used to monitor and intercept any stray bed bugs.  Bed bug traps are not expensive.  Be safe!  Be sure!  Order ClimbUp Traps. 


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