Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Method of Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bug Traps Review
Scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Rothamsted Research have developed an entirely new method of bed bugs control.  In short, James Logan, Emma Weeks and their colleagues have used the natural instinct of the insect against itself.  (See article.)  Their invention utilizes the insect’s natural desire to return to its hiding place when it has finished a meal.  Bed bugs are well known for leaving feces as a telltale sign of their whereabouts.  Most importantly, bed bug feces contain compounds that the bed bug uses as a directional beacon to guide it back to its hideout.  The researchers have successfully identified the specific compounds that a bed bug smells and have used those compounds to develop a sticky trap that is reportedly about the size of a common mousetrap.  The new bed bug trap is not yet commercially available, but it is anticipated that it could be used for both detection and control.  In other words, this new method of bed bugs control could be used to determine if bed bugs are present and, if so, could then be used to reduce or eliminate the insect population.  Details of the invention are not publicly available, but it is assumed that it will eventually become a commercial product.  See Bed Bug Traps Review for more information.



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  2. That is pretty cool! I have a friend that was about to call someone in to do some form of bed bug elimination, here in Jefferson City, MO. I will have to tell him about this, I wander if it could help him out.