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Bed Bug Glue Traps

Bed Bug Traps Review

Do you remember the Roach Motel?  “Roaches check in, but they don’t check out!”  The concept of bed bug glue traps is exactly the same.  Basically, the idea is to lure insects into a trap with either a food lure or a pheromone.  Once inside, the insect is immobilized with a sticky (glue) substance.  In the case of bed bugs, a food lure would be something that mimics the human body by producing either carbon dioxide or heat.  Although very cumbersome and a bit dangerous to handle, dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) is often used to lure bed bugs.  Less bulky is yeast – yes, plain old baker’s or brewer’s yeast.  Commercial traps are actually sold that are essentially bread dough with yeast producing the carbon dioxide.  Unfortunately, as you might imagine, this type of trap does not have a very long service life.  And why would one pay top dollar for bread dough and glue in a box?  The other way to mimic the human body is with heat.  A heat source can be either very sophisticated or something as simple as a heating pad.  The problem is that a heat source makes this type of trap very bulky.
Bed bug glue traps, also known as bed bug sticky traps, sometimes contain pheromones as an attractant.  By definition, a pheromone is a volatile substance produced by one or more individuals to influence the social behavior of other individuals.  (Read more about pheromones here.)  The effect of pheromones is well-documented in insects.  Some species, bees and ants for example, produce an alarm pheromone when they are disturbed with the result being a nest of very angry and aggressive insects.  Other species produce aggregation pheromones that attract individual insects to one spot.  The bed bug glue trap that we recommend has a pheromone that lures the insects inside. 

Bed Bug Glue Traps – BuggyBeds

The patent-pending BuggyBeds product is designed for long-term use (up to six months).  Highly-rated by customers, BuggyBeds are sold in packs that are designated for a particular situation (dormitories, child bed, auto, for example).  Because they are small, BuggyBeds are really great for travelers.  Typically, these bed bug glue traps are inserted between the mattress and box springs of each corner of a bed.  Time permitting, one can do this shortly after checking into a hotel room and then leave for a period of time.  Upon returning, one can check the traps and then ask for a different room if the room is infested.  If no bed bugs are detected, leave the traps in place, just in case, and then remove them the next morning.  This approach will reduce the possibility of getting bed bug bites while staying in a hotel.  Also, the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home with you is minimized. 

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BuggyBeds can be used at home where they can function both as a monitor and as a method of killing bed bugs.  That is, if one is concerned about the possibility of a bed bug infestation, BuggyBeds provide a convenient and inexpensive method of detecting bed bugs and trapping the insects before an infestation becomes serious.  BuggyBeds can be placed in beds, on the floor, in closets or any other place where bed bugs may be hiding. 
BuggyBeds, compared to other brands of bed bug glue traps, are by far the best choice.  In cases of severe infestations, BuggyBeds can be a component of integrated pest management (IPM).  For more information on BuggyBeds and other bed bug traps see Bed Bug Traps Review.


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