Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Traps Review
In our previous posts, “how to kill bed bugs” was the central question.  Major outbreaks of bed bugs are occurring everywhere – New York, Detroit, and Cincinnati – to name just a few places.  Cities with a high number of multi-family residences are especially vulnerable.  In large tenement buildings, dormitories, and apartments - all it takes is for one resident to inadvertently bring bed bugs home and eventually the bugs will spread through the walls and infest every dwelling.  Cornell University has published an especially helpful guide to the overall problem.  (See Bed bugs are back!  An IPM answer)   Integrated pest management (IPM) is the key to bed bug control.  Some of the ideas described in the article include trying to avoid bringing the insects home, keeping clutter at a minimum to reduce hiding places, and if necessary, spraying with insecticides.  Remarkably, the article even describes crude bed bug barriers that work on the same principle as the bed bug traps that we recommend.  (See Bed Bug Traps Review.)  Bed bug traps are safe.  Traps also provide an easy means for detecting an infestation and for monitoring the effectiveness of other control measures.  
Kill bed bugs - use ClimbUp traps!
Pest control professionals really like ClimbUp traps.  These traps are an effective way of detecting and monitoring the presence of bed bugs.  Moreover, from a customer’s viewpoint, ClimbUp traps are reassuring.  Not only are bed bug bites itchy, but the very thought of being bitten while you sleep is mortifying, especially to people who dislike insects to begin with.  ClimbUp traps really work.  The only complaint is the plastic construction will not support the weight of a bed when there is carpeting.  However, this problem is easily addressed by simply putting a thin board or metal plate (electrical plate works well) under each bed post.  It is critical to keep the bed away from the wall and to not let bed covers touch the floor.
Kill bed bugs - use BuggyBeds!
The amazing feature of BuggyBeds is their versatility.  Essentially a bed bug glue trap, BuggyBeds are small and easily portable.  BuggyBeds are sold in a Travelers Pack, a Dorm Bed Pack, a Child Bed Buggy Pack, an Auto Bed Pack, and a Detector and Monitor Pack – it is all the same product!  Typically, BuggyBeds are inserted between the mattress and box springs, but many people will also place BeggyBeds on the floor.   The price of BuggyBeds makes them very affordable, they are great for travelers, and they can be used almost anywhere.
The how to kill bed bugs issue can thus be addressed with either ClimbUp bed bug traps or BuggyBeds traps.  Has anyone ever tried using ClimbUp and BuggyBeds traps together?  Now that is a question!



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