Monday, February 6, 2012

Bed Bugs! Help!

Bed Bug Traps Review
Bed bugs drive us crazy!  The cry “Bed bugs!  Help!” means that bed bugs have probably invaded yet another home.  In the case of a severe infestation, you may need to call an exterminator (also known as a pest management professional or PMP), but you should first buy bed bug traps, either online or at the local hardware store.  We recommend two types – ClimbUp traps and BeddyBugs traps.  The two traps work differently and it is important to understand why and how each one should be used.
Help!  I think I have bed bugs!
The first step is to determine if the bed bugs are actually living in your bed. (Visit this post for general bed bug information.)  Check the crevices of your mattress and box springs.  You may not see any actual bugs, but the dark spots that are feces are easy to observe.  Once you have finished your visual inspection, take the next step and set traps, either to confirm the presence/absence of bed bugs or to assess the severity of the infestation.
Help!  I need a bed bug cure!
If you suspect that you have bed bugs, but they are not actually in your bed, then you should use ClimbUp traps.  Bed bugs will often hide several feet from your bed and then make the journey to your bed in the early morning hours.  People sometimes talk of waking up at 3:00 a.m. to check for traveling bed bugs.  This is entirely unnecessary, because ClimbUp traps will catch any invaders.  Just make sure that your bed is not against the wall and that your bed covers do not touch the floor.  If you should find bed bugs in the inner well of a ClimbUp trap then you know that the bed bugs are in your bed.  If the bed bugs are in the outer well, then you know that they are coming from some other place in the room. 
Help me escape my bed bugs hell!
BuggyBeds glue traps can be placed between a mattress and box springs to combat bed bugs that may be hiding in your bed.  They are especially good for furniture that has large feet which make it impossible to use ClimbUp traps.  Because of their small size, BuggyBeds are also great to use when you travel.  Hotels are a common source of bed bugs; in fact, some hotels use BuggyBeds as a precaution in case bed bugs are brought into their establishment.  (Bed bugs like to hitchhike from place to place in luggage.)   BuggyBeds contain a non-toxic chemical lure which draws the bugs into the glue trap.  To be extra safe, people will often place BuggyBeds in all four corners of the bed (between the mattress and box springs) and then place a trap or two on the floor.  BuggyBeds will last for up to six months so if you are traveling, you can simply collect them and take them with you.  BuggyBeds is an Approved Pest Control Device that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Bed bugs!  Help! is likely to be heard more and more as the bed bug plague spreads across the country.  Bed bug traps are part of an integrated pest management approach that minimizes the use of insecticides.  For truly severe infestations, the homeowner should retain the services of a PMP.  For more information, see Bed Bug Traps Review.
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